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The Chichimeca Spirit

The word Chichimeca was coined originally by the Aztecs to describe those tribes of the Northwest of Mexico and probably the Southwest United States that led nomadic lives and proved impossible to subdue.

Although experts disagree as to the exact meaning of the label, they concur that it once had a pejorative connotation. The Spanish adopted the term “Chichimeca” when their push to gain access to the silver mines of Zacatecas in 1546 was met with fierce resistance by, among others, the Guamares, Pames, Guachichiles and Zacatecos – all loosely called “Chichimecas”.

Seen from the official point of view, whether Aztec or Spanish, their resistance made dissidents out of them all; submission was not part of the Chichimeca nature. This collection is dedicated to their spirit.

The act of creation, too, resists submission. It springs from the inspiration of the artist, and, as such, defies society’s dictates. This is why fashions in art should always be met with suspicion.

And yet, for some time now it has been fashionable to say that painting is not suited to reflect the contemporary sensibility. The Chichimeca Collection is as much   a refutation of such assertion as it is a celebration of the vibrancy and diversity of Latin American painting today.


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